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(Release Date: 2/6/2024) The Black Health Book was written for everyday people to help simplify pertinent research and health-related topics in a way that can be easily read by individuals without advanced degrees or a background in health or mental health care.

​In writing this book the author, D'Andrea Bolden, wanted to tackle the topic of health through the lens of blackness. Simultaneously, she ensured that health was examined from a multi-dimensional perspective recognizing that multiple factors play a role in the state of one’s total health.


​The conversation surrounding black health can be messy, uncomfortable, and riddled with many challenges but D'Andrea believes we can all learn and grow so that we can collectively see an improvement in the overall health of black people. D'Andrea shares with readers scientific facts, personal stories, and other relevant information throughout the pages of this book.


​"Our health as black people is of great concern and many of us were not taught that black health is black wealth" - Author, D'Andrea Bolden

​​As you go through the contents of this book you will learn about:


  • Some of the leading health conditions that are prevalent among the black population
  • The negative effects poverty can have on health
  • How racism and stress can harm the health of blacks.
  • Black maternal health issues
  • Black children and mental health
  • Health concerns for black men
  • The concerns surrounding lead poisoning and black children
  • Holistic Health

Black Health Book (Pre-Order)

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