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At Written Wisdom Press we endeavor to publish cutting-edge books written by diverse authors all around the world. Although there is already a vast selection of books on the market. There is still a lack of diversity in the world of book publishing and we endeavor to be a solution to this problem

We are intentional in our efforts to highlight authors that would typically be overlooked by other publishing companies. For us, this is a bonus because it will also allow us to provide our readers with a fresh, and unique offering of books.

Although we are in the business of publishing books at Written Wisdom Press, we place a strong emphasis on the necessity of our manuscripts to be well suited for the targeted audience.

About Traditional Publishing:

As a traditional independent publisher, we carefully curate our selection of manuscripts and offer authors a contract, after which we handle the printing, publishing, and distribution of their books through booksellers and other retailers. We hold the exclusive rights to publish the author's work and pay them royalties based on the book's sales.

We maintain a selective approach and only publish a limited number of books each year. Please note that we are not a vanity publisher and do not offer publication in exchange for payment.

The traditional publishing process typically takes 18-24 months from the time of manuscript submission to book release. This timeline encompasses several stages, such as manuscript evaluation, editing, cover design, typesetting, printing, and distribution, among others. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the nature of the manuscript, current market trends, and workload of our publishing house.

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